"She strives to provide a delicate balance between pain and inspiration
as shown on the album's bookends: the first full song, "City Girl," and the "Go Get It" ending. "


City Girl [Visual]

Madia's VEVO debut was with the second video off her third album, City Girl. At more than 83,000 views we are so excited about the momentum we're creating and the new people exposed to her art every day!

Runaway LoveHer [Visual]

Madia tells the tale of a girl who finds it easier to run than stay in a relationship gone wrong. The video was shot in Washington, D.C. and aired on VH1 Soul and Runaway LoveHer was directed by Ryan Robinson of The MediaXperience Film House. summarized, "Sometimes, you just have to leave your current situation if it's not in your best interest. Madia feels no regrets in packing up and leaving in "Runaway LoveHer," uncertain of where she's going, but confident in her decision; wherever she ends up will be better than where she's been."

Love Again [Visual]

Love Again was Madia's first venture into video.

Ryan Robinson directed this short as a way to introduce Madia in her simplicity to a visual audience.

Lovehers [Fans]

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Video Comments

"Without music life would be a mistake."
Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche


In International News

Some great things are happening! Madia will be participating in an international music and arts festival in Toronto called North by Northeast (NXNE). This represents a great opportunity to build more fans and buzz. Here's the official show details and post on

LIVE Shows

  • NXNE | Toronto, ON, CANADA | 6/12 10PM
  • Solly's | Washington, DC, | 6/6 8PM

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